Creating A Scrapbook For Your Highschooler In Band

Posted by uE67oW on July 21, 2017

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By Audrey Okaneko

I have such fond memories of my daughter spending her high school years in the marching band. I admit to wondering who had more fun, my daughter performing or her mom cheering her on at each performance.

Over the years, we have found quite an assortment of scrapbook papers, stickers and embellishments that were designed with a music theme.

You have the option of creating one scrapbook with all four years worth of photos or four separate scrapbooks, one for each year.

From talking with other parents, I have found most music programs are the same. The kids start out before school ever gets under way with band camp. This is where they begin to learn the music and begin to choreograph their show. You can make a copy of the marching drill on acid free paper and also a copy of the music being used for their show for your scrapbook.

YouTube Preview Image

As performances begin, you can snap a few photos of each performance. If your band performs at football games, see if you can snap a photo of the other team, so that you’ll have a reference about which game the performance took place at.

As the competition season begins, again snap a photo of the location of the competition. My daughter is several years post high school and she will still speak of a particular competition naming the location where the competition took place.

Most competitions had programs available. Those can be copied onto acid free paper and put right into the scrapbook.

During award ceremonies, photos of your group accepting an award are a must. This is also a great time to snap some photos of the rest of the group sitting in the stands.

Some scrapbooks require more journaling than other scrapbooks. A band scrapbook does require a bit more journaling as many of the photos are taken from far away, and the kids all look the same in uniform. If you have a small notebook and pen, jot down the names of the kids in the photos you’ve taken.

If the kids and/or families get together for a social event, snap a few photos. It’s fun to see the kids out of uniform also.

If you can, get a few photos of the kids in the band room at school. After all, this is where it all begins.

About the Author: Audrey Okaneko has been scrapbooking for several years. She can be reached at or visited at


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Ecommerce Seo Ideas}

Posted by uE67oW on July 16, 2017

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Submitted by: Roy Dovaston

It doesnt surprise me how people are doing all of their shopping online opposed to the traditional visit to the high street or shopping centre. The beauty of internet shopping is the ability to be able to search from the comfort of your own home, office or anywhere where there is an internet connection. The choice alone and the ability to compare products is making ecommerce seo an integral part of marketing for small and large businesses alike.

No longer do you have to drive from town to town if they havent got what you want, you can simply start your search online and make comparisons on brand, colour, and best of all price. There are so many web sites selling the same products youd be unwise to buy from the first online shop you visit. Some web sites who have a stronger buying power or a better relationship with the distributor can afford to make a minimal margin in return for a large volume of sales. Whatever product youre selling online there are a few handy tools you cant be without and one of those is Google Adwords. Dont get me wrong though, whilst I believe pay per click is one of the best marketing tools in the world, I do also think its imperative that what you learn from adwords is channelled into your ecommerce SEO strategy. Whilst youre enjoying success with pay per click its a great time to start working on a parallel campaign of ecommerce seo. Imagine if all those conversions you are making with pay per click could be replicated in the organic results. This is achievable but it will take lots of hard work and patience on your part as getting listed in the organic results means perfecting your code on site as well as a lot of offsite work.

YouTube Preview Image

Getting the seo right on your ecommerce store is vital before turning your attention to back linking or any other kind of optimisation. One of the hot topics at the moment is Google Pagespeed which produces a score out of 100 of how fast your web site loads. Better still if reports back to you on a traffic light system of urgency on which elements need work. The red suggestions are counted as urgent and will give you the biggest and fastest returns as well as improving site usability for your visitors. Its important to remember that visitors will become a bounce rate statistic if they cannot find what theyre looking for quickly and a slow loading web site will not help improve this important statistic.

Page speed is a vital factor in your onsite SEO plan and with any ecommerce site youll have lots of images that will need optimising. One of the really impressive features of Google Pagespeed is the way in which it can detect and compress images. They call this type of compression lossless compression because your images will not lose any of the quality to the human eye yet in most cases you can save up to 75% of the file size. You can already see that if you perform image optimisation in your ecommerce seo strategy that you will make your web site pages load quicker and in turn improve visitor experience which should lead to better ranking.

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Polish mine explosion kills 8

Polish mine explosion kills 8

Posted by uE67oW on July 15, 2017

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Methane gas was blamed for the explosion deaths of 8 miners in southern Polish‘s Halemba coal mine Tuesday, November 21. Officials say at least 15 are missing.

Rescue efforts were halted because dangerously high levels of methane gas returned, according to Zbigniew Madej, spokesman for state-owned Coal Co., which operates the mine.

The missing miners’ locater devices were not emitting signals, increasing rescurers’ concerns for their well-being. Grzegorz Pawlaszek, head of Coal Co., said the 15 missing miners’ fate is “not known,” but added that “there is a chance to find someone still alive.”

“This is a tragedy. People have died here,” Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski said when he came to Ruda Slaska to see the blast.

Earlier Wednesday, a reconnaissance rescue team descended 3000 feet toward the blast scene, only to retreat because of safety concerns related to high methane gas levels. Rescue digging efforts were also halted because of explosion concerns.

The missing men were aged 21-59. One of the miner’s family members, Andrzej Pytlik, 30, remained on scene with his sister, hoping and waiting for news of her husband, Krystian Gaszka.

Pytlik, also a miner, said through teary eyes that, “I work in the mines and I know that hope is scant because that’s the truth.”

The explosion occurred in a closed portion of the mine where the now-missing miners were working to retrieve abandoned equipment. According to Pawlaszek, the value of the equipment was $23 million, adding that “It was new equipment and that is why we decided to retrieve it.”

He indicated that the recovery work was performed under the supervision of gas detection specialists, and that the bodies of the recovered miners were difficult to identify because of the severity of burns and because their ID tags were blown away in the explosion.

The Halemba mine, located in Ruda Slaska, has produced coal for nearly 50 years, has been fraught with safety concerns and has a track record of serious accidents. One of the oldest mines in Poland, it is centrally located in the industrial Silesia region.

Earlier this year, a miner was trapped underground in the Halemba mine five days after a cave-in. In 1990, 19 miners were killed and 20 hurt in a gas explosion, and five were killed in collapse in 1991.

Inside, priests and mining officials were comforting and counseling with distraught relatives. Outside, eight white candles flickered on a main gate wall.

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Dow falls 340 points amid unemployment and retail sales rates news

Dow falls 340 points amid unemployment and retail sales rates news

Posted by uE67oW on July 15, 2017

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, a stock market index used to gauge the performance of American stock exchanges, fell 344.65 at the close of trading Thursday.

The exact reason for the drop is unknown, with different news agencies pointing to different causes. The New York Times cites a rise in unemployment numbers released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Labor and a fall in retail sales released by several large corporations.

According to the Associated Press, the number of people claiming weekly unemployment benefits rose 15,000 last week to 444,000, which, according to The New York Times is near a five-year high.

“This morning’s employment numbers continue to indicate that the labor sector remains soft at best and looks to continue to shed jobs throughout the remainder of the year,” Joseph Brusuelas, chief economist at Merk Investments, said in a statement to The New York Times.

One major corporation that posted a gain in sales was Wal-Mart, with a 3 percent boost, which resulted in a one penny loss in their stock. Fellow retailer Target posted a sales loss. Shares of energy companies ExxonMobil and Chevron fell by 1.5 and 3 percent, respectively.

The other two major American stock indices fell too. The S&P 500 fell 2.99 percent while the Nasdaq composite index fell 3.20 percent. The Dow’s 344.65-point fall left the index at 11,188.23, a 2.99 percent decrease from the close of trading Wednesday.

According to The New York Times, the drop is the largest since June of this year, but an expected announcement Friday of August unemployment data could cause the index to rise.

The New York Times and the Associated Press both report that the number of jobs in the service sector rose in August according to research done by the Institute for Supply Management. This is the first rise in the number of jobs in several months. points to the rise in the price of Treasury bonds as a reaction to data released Wednesday that the American economy would continue to be slow in 2009.

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Copyright on musical recordings extended by twenty years in EU

Copyright on musical recordings extended by twenty years in EU

Posted by uE67oW on July 15, 2017

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Council of the European Union voted yesterday to extend the term of copyright on sound recordings by twenty years, from 50 years to 70, preventing a number of early recordings of 1960s rock musicians including The Beatles from entering the public domain. The 1962 hit “Love Me Do” would have entered the public domain in 2012 if this legislation had not been introduced. EU member states have to enact the copyright extension within two years.

The news was welcomed by representatives of the recording industry and by some recording artists. Cliff Richard has campaigned for term extension. Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones said the decision was “obviously advantageous” to performers, and Bjorn Ulvaeus from Abba welcomed the continued control over the group’s recordings: “Now I won’t have to see Abba being used in a TV commercial”. Geoff Taylor from the British Phonographic Industry said “[a]n exceptional period of British musical genius was about to lose its protection. As a matter of principle, it is right that our musicians should benefit from their creativity during their lifetimes, and that they should not be disadvantaged compared to musicians in other countries.”

Extension of the copyright term also has critics. Jim Killock, from the British digital rights advocacy group the Open Rights Group (ORG), said the move “puts money into the pockets of big labels” but will be “unlikely to benefit smaller artists and it will mean that a lot of sound recordings that are out of print will stay out of print”. Singer Sandie Shaw, of the Featured Artists’ Coalition, said the move would be “extremely good news for record companies and collection agencies, but bad news for artists” and would lead to artists having “20 more years in servitude to contracts that are no longer appropriate to a digital age”.

The extension to 70 years is less than that EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy proposed in 2008. At that time, Wikinews interviewed Eddan Katz of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Becky Hogge, then Executive Director of ORG, in Brussels. The two organisations were gathering like-minded groups to oppose harmonisation with the US’s 95-year term. Characterising the sought extension as “Cliff Richard’s pension”, Hogge asserted, “[w]hat you’ve got at the end of the day with copyright term extension is basically […] rent seeking by special interest groups lobbying governments to change the law in order that they may economically gain directly.”

Two reviews of intellectual property rights in Britain have concluded it would not be economically beneficial to extend copyright terms on sound recordings. The Gowers Review of Intellectual Property in 2006 concluded extension of the copyright term would “negatively impact upon consumers and industry”. The Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth in 2011 concluded it would be “economically detrimental”. A study conducted by Bournemouth University’s Center for Intellectual Property Policy and Management concluded 72% of the economic benefits of the term extension would go to record labels, with 28% going to artists, only 4% of which are going to less successful artists.

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The Basics Of Web Design And Web Development

Posted by uE67oW on July 14, 2017

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Submitted by: Maria K Ahmed

Despite it being the age of the internet, a significant number of people are unaware of the difference between a web designer and web developer. Both a web developer and a web site designer are key in turning a few ideas into reality and although no web project can be complete without the skill of both, the role each plays is very different.

As a business owner in need of a website, you may initially have a few ideas in mind, these may be thoughts on how you want your website to look, examples of competitor sites that you want to look like or a detailed sketch, plan or even a simple list of your needs.

With a full service design agency, your initial point of call will be your website designer; this designer will work with you in an attempt to understand your business and your brand message and the functions you wish your site to offer. Do you want something bold, beautiful and jazzy? Are you in search of a strict, corporate website? Or are you after something clean and simple that draws the user into your products?

Have you given the structure and content of your website any thought? Are you aiming to sell hundreds of products, boost an interest in your services or simply advertise what your business can do in an effort to lure in customers to your store? Again these are all details your web designer will need to be aware of in order to ensure your business is reaching customers in a way you desire.

YouTube Preview Image

Colours are also essential to your design so your chosen web designer will need to be fully aware of your corporate guidelines, often your brand logo is the best place to begin and will provide a clear understanding of colours and styles. If your business is currently a blank canvas the right web designer can help create the perfect logo and select the right colour palette to best suit your brand image.

There will often be many drafts, tweaks and changes but eventually your web designer will offer up a fantastic looking web design that will hit all the right notes but what happens next?

Now your design is in place, how do you actually make your website do the stuff you want it to? How do you make your website work? No matter how great your website design can be, alone it will do little, whether it is a simple site with a navigation bar and a few pages of content or an ecommerce web design that offers hundreds of items for sale, your web developer will be the one to make your website do the things it is supposed to do.

A web developer, often known as the web master, is in charge of the construction of your website. The goal of the web developer is simple, to ensure that your website is easy to use and fit for purpose by providing the functions and features that are intended. Whether ecommerce or content management systems, a web developer will implement coding to ensure the back end is working.

Consider a car, when you buy one you are often concerned with the way it looks and whether it does what it offers but it isn t the designer or the head of marketing over at Ferrari that ensures the car you get is fully functional, it is the automotive engineer who ensures everything runs smoothly and to your liking. Similar to this, a web developer, unconcerned with aesthetics, will aim to ensure that your website does the things it says it can do.

Web developers often possess years of programming skills and will have an understanding of tools such as JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS and will use these to ensure your website functions efficiently and is easily accessible by your audience. Effectively your web developer lies at the very bedrock of your websites success by taking the final design and bringing it to life.

Without a design, your thoughts, brand message and image remain just that, as thoughts but without a web developer your web design will remain just a design. Both roles are incredibly important and together can provide your business with a phenomenal new platform through which sales and brand growth can flourish.

If your business is in need of a website than a web designer and developer is just the team you need for success.

About the Author: Maria Ahmed is a search engine optimisation consultant at full service design agency

Working with hundreds of clients across the board; offering a range Web site design and SEO services, Maria thrives on keeping ahead of the game and ensuring that the results she gets are always the best.


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Rep. Barbara Lee calls for U.S. Congress probe into Iraq War planning

Rep. Barbara Lee calls for U.S. Congress probe into Iraq War planning

Posted by uE67oW on July 14, 2017

Friday, July 22, 2005

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), co-chairwoman of the Out of Iraq Caucus and a member of the International Affairs Committee, along with 26 co-sponsors, proposed yesterday a Resolution of Inquiry in the House of Representatives which, if passed, will require the White House and the State Department to “transmit all information relating to communication with officials of the United Kingdom between January 1, 2002, and October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq.” The resolution, was submitted in the House of Representatives and referred to the U.S. House Committee on International Relations.

The resolution comes in response to questions that have been raised about the handling of pre-war intelligence by the Bush administration, and the planning and execution of the Iraq war. “We would like to see a member of Congress look into whether or not the president committed impeachable offenses,” said John Bonifaz, a constitutional lawyer. “We’ve been having that discussion with a number of offices.”

Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary Minority leader, recently met with John Bonifaz and representatives. But Conyers is reluctant to take such a bold step just yet. “My inclination at this time is not to do something like that,” Conyers said, although he noted that he wanted to press for an investigation in other ways, including sending committee investigators to London.

Earlier this month, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) said at a forum held by Conyers “If you read the record of the writing of the Constitution, ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ had a very particular meaning at the time of the drafting of the Constitution. It certainly didn’t mean lying about sex, but it might well mean lying to the Congress about a large public purpose such as Iraq.”, referring to Republican’s filing of such a resolution in 1998 in an effort to remove Bill Clinton from office.

Rep. Barbara Lee’s resolution of inquiry is a less-drastic parliamentary maneuver that would ask the administration to provide more information related to the claims in classified British memos that suggest that pre-war intelligence in Iraq was “fixed” in order to justify the invasion. The Resolution of Inquiry is a privileged resolution, which means that if it is not acted on in 14 legislative days after it is introduced, the member of Congress who introduced it is entitled to request that it be brought to the House floor for a vote. The committee may take the matter up right away, and could vote it down before the August recess. If they do not, they will be required to take it up by September 16th.


Requesting the President and directing the Secretary of State to transmit to the House of Representatives not later than 14 days after the date of the adoption of this resolution all information in the possession of the President and the Secretary of State relating to communication with officials of the United Kingdom between January 1, 2002, and October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq.

Resolved, That not later than 14 days after the date of the adoption of this resolution—

(1) the President is requested to transmit to the House of Representatives all documents, including telephone and electronic mail records, logs, calendars, minutes, and memos, in the possession of the President relating to communications with officials of the United Kingdom from January 1, 2002, to October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq, including any discussions or communications between the President or other Administration officials and officials of the United Kingdom that occurred before the meeting on July 23, 2002, at 10 Downing Street in London, England, between Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom, United Kingdom intelligence officer Richard Dearlove, and other national security officials of the Blair Administration; and

(2) the Secretary of State is directed to transmit to the House of Representatives all documents, including telephone and electronic mail records, logs, calendars, minutes, memos, and records of internal discussions, in the possession of the Secretary relating to communications with officials of the United Kingdom from January 1, 2002, to October 16, 2002, relating to the policy of the United States with respect to Iraq, including any discussions or communications between the Secretary of State or other officials of the Department of State and officials of the United Kingdom that occurred before the meeting on July 23, 2002, at 10 Downing Street in London, England, between Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom, United Kingdom intelligence officer Richard Dearlove, and other national security officials of the Blair Administration.

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World’s defense chiefs meet in Singapore

World’s defense chiefs meet in Singapore

Posted by uE67oW on July 14, 2017

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The sixth Asia Security Conference, better known as the Shangri-La Dialogue, came to an end on Sunday in Singapore, highlighted by a visit by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and a senior Chinese defense official, Lt. Gen. Zhang Qisheng.

Named for its venue, the five-star Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, the annual meeting of top defense officials is organized by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a London-based think tank.

The big issue at the Shangri-La gathering focused on China and its military buildup. China has announced it will boost military spending by 17.8 percent in 2007 to 350.921 billion yuan (about US$44.94 billion), the biggest increase in more than ten years. But U.S. defense officials have said they believe actual spending is up to three times higher, and they have called on China to be more transparent.

“There’s no question that the Chinese are building significant capacity,” Gates said in Honolulu before he flew to Singapore. “Our concern is over their intent.”

China’s delegation was led by Zhang, the People’s Liberation Army deputy chief of the general staff. In his address on Saturday, Zhang defended China’s reported defense-spending figures.

“In China, defense budgeting must follow a set of highly strict legal procedures, and the published Chinese defense budget is true and authentic,” he said, attributing the increase to inflation and logistical and welfare support of its troops. “Given the multiple security threats, geo-political environment,the size of the territory, and the per-capita expense, the Chinese defense expenditure is small by all judgments,” Zhang added.

Zhang said there are plans in the works to open an emergency hotline with the U.S., and that a deal to do so would be finalized in September.

At the end of the conference, Gates termed U.S.-China relations thusly: “In terms of our bilateral relationship, I wouldn’t describe it as a breakthrough but as a next step in a process of military-to-military conversations which we will continue in the future.”

For other countries in Asia, it’s China’s powerful economy that causes more concern, said Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in an opening speech on Friday.

“Most Asian countries assess the challenge from China to be more economic than military,” Lee said. He added that China’s military build up is mainly a response to Taiwan, and he warned that if Taiwan seeks to further establish its independence, it could lead to “unintended and dangerous escalation of tensions between China and the U.S.”

India, too, is flexing its military muscle, with Indian Defense Minister A. K. Antony giving a talk on Saturday, “China and India: Building International Stability.”

“India is ready to play its role in the shaping of this new approach to collective security,” Antony said. “Only a pluralistic security order working through a network of cooperative structures can have the legitimacy as well as the wherewithal to deal with the security challenges of the 21st century.”

Other delegations included Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

Concern about Iran’s nuclear program came up in comments by Gates on Saturday, saying stronger penalties are needed against Iran “not next year or the year after, but right now.” Gates did not rule out military action to stop Iran’s nuclear research, even if it wasn’t the most attractive option. “Probably everybody in this room wants there to be a diplomatic solution to this problem,” he said. “Having to take care of this problem militarily is in no one’s interest.”

On a tour of the Asia-Pacific region, Gates also worked to assure his counterparts in other countries that the United States’ involvement in Iraq would not undermine its role in Asia. “While we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and the global war on terror, we have no intention of neglecting Asia,” Gates said on Friday in Honolulu.

In particular, Gates said the U.S. is keen to develop better relations with Central Asian states, and he called on other countries in the region to reach out and help Afghanistan and its neighbors, such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

“Integrating these newly independent states into the fold of the greater Asian family is in the interest of every country represented in this room. Of course, the degree that Central Asian states and Afghanistan choose to integrate into greater Asia is a decision for each of those sovereign countries. We will not assume to make decisions for them, but it is important that the welcome mat be out for them. The failure to do so could ultimately have devastating results,” Gates said an address on Saturday at the Singapore meeting.

His remarks come as the U.S. is facing pressure in Kyrgyzstan over its Manas Air Base, which supports U.S. military operations in Afghanistan. The base has taken on strategic importance to the U.S. after it left Uzbekistan in 2005 after the U.S. criticized that country’s human rights record. Gates visited the air base on Sunday.

Closer to home for the Singaporeans, there was talk about piracy in the Malacca Strait, and the need to develop better communication and cooperation between the security forces of the concerned countries: Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

With as much as 40 percent of the world’s trade passing through the Malacca Strait, the U.S. is concerned, said U.S. Navy Admiral Timothy Keating, commander of the U.S. Pacific Command. “We have discussed enhancing maritime security throughout the region. It is a matter of significance and importance to us,” Keating told the conference. “We are not satisfied with the current state but we are pleased with the progress we’ve made,” he said, noting that their security cooperation has improved and there have been no recent major incidences of piracy in the Strait.

The issue of Myanmar and its military government came up during Prime Minister Lee’s talk on Friday, with Lee saying the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, “ought not to be hostage with the problems with Myanmar.”

ASEAN has come under pressure for its admission of Myanmar, which is ruled by a junta that has refused to cede to a democratically elected government. But ASEAN has a policy of non-engagement in internal conflicts of its members. “We will leave Myanmar to work itself out,” Lee said.

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Obama, Medvedev sign treaty cutting nuclear stockpiles

Obama, Medvedev sign treaty cutting nuclear stockpiles

Posted by uE67oW on July 13, 2017

Friday, April 9, 2010

U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev have signed a treaty to reduce their countries’ nuclear stockpiles by 25 to 30 percent over seven years.

In the Spanish Hall, an ornate chamber within the Czech capital’s Prague Castle, the two countries, which own more than 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons, agreed to downsize their arsenals.

Presidents Obama and Medvedev sat in front of U.S. and Russian flags and signed their countries’ first major nuclear arms reduction accord in almost two decades.

The new ten-year pact, which is called the “New START Treaty”, requires the U.S. and Russia to cut their inventory of nuclear warheads to about 1,500 each in the next seven years. Both countries are estimated to have well over 2,000 warheads now.

The agreement also slashes by more than half the number of missiles, submarines and bombers that carry the weapons.

The pact replaces the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I), which was signed by U.S. President George H.W. Bush and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in the final days of the Soviet Union. START I expired in December of last year. The treaty complements the other two nuclear arms reduction treaties signed by the United States and Russia, which where the 1993 Russia, which where the 1993 START II treaty and the 2002 Moscow Treaty also known as SORT.

Obama said the treaty is a big step forward for world security. “Today is an important milestone for nuclear security and nonproliferation and for U.S.-Russia relations,” he said.

Medvedev said because of this treaty, the entire world community has won. The Russian leader said the year-long negotiations were tough, but hard work on both sides brought success.

“That enabled us to do something that just a couple of months ago looked like ‘mission impossible.’ Within a short span of time we prepared a full-fledged treaty and signed it,” he said.

Obama says, in addition, that the treaty paves the way for future arms reduction talks with Russia, mainly on short-range nuclear weapons. “This treaty will set the stage for further cuts, and going forward, we hope to pursue further discussions with Russia on reducing both our strategic and tactical weapons, including non-deployed weapons,” he said.

Tom Collina, research director at the Arms Control Association, says the new treaty is significant in reducing the threat from U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons, but more significant because it could lead to further cuts.

“We think we can even go to deeper reductions, and we hope they sign a new treaty after this one relatively soon. But this treaty is a great step forward, it is very important, and it puts U.S. and Russian arms control back on a firm footing, and, again, sets us up for deeper cuts,” he said.

The signing of the “New START” treaty is one of several arms control developments taking place in several weeks.

Earlier in the week, President Obama announced a major shift in U.S. nuclear policy. He said for the first time that preventing nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism is at the top of the U.S. nuclear agenda. The threat of destruction by Russian warheads is now considered a secondary menace.

Under Obama’s nuclear posture review, the U.S. pledges not to use nuclear weapons on non-nuclear countries that abide by their nonproliferation obligations.

Frank Gaffney, a former arms control adviser to President Ronald Reagan, says the president’s nuclear posture review is based on a false and dangerous premise. “The idea that he can, by reducing America’s nuclear arsenal, contribute to the universal abandonment of nuclear weaponry. It will not happen. It will not happen on his watch. It will not happen ever,” he said.

Obama also plans to hold a conference on nuclear security next week in Washington, D.C..

In their hour-and-a-half meeting before the ceremony, President Obama urged Medvedev to support new U.N. sanctions against Iran for its refusal to stop enriching uranium. The Russian leader said the issue is not whether to impose sanctions, but what kind of sanctions.

“Smart sanctions should be able to motivate certain parties to behave properly, and I am confident that our teams that will be engaged in consultations will continue discussing this issue,” he said.

Obama said, “We are working together at the United Nations Security Council to pass strong sanctions on Iran and we will not tolerate actions that flout the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty).” He added, “My expectation is that we are going to be able to secure strong, tough sanctions on Iran this spring.”

The nuclear treaty is almost certain to be approved in the Russian Duma. However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said Russia reserves the right to drop out of the pact if it believes U.S. missile defense plans for Europe threaten its security.

Do you believe nuclear weapons will ever be eliminated?
Add or view comments

Many experts agree passage in the U.S. Senate is not as certain, but that its prospects are good. To ratify the treaty, it will require 67 votes, to pass it will require Republican votes. Republicans in the Senate have expressed concerns that too many restrictions have been placed on America’s nuclear arsenal.

However, Obama is confident the treaty will be ratified when asked during a press conference following the signing. Obama stated, “And so I’m actually quite confident that Democrats and Republicans in the United States Senate, having reviewed this, will see that the United States has preserved its core national security interests, that it is maintaining a safe and secure and effective nuclear deterrent, but that we are beginning to once again move forward, leaving the Cold War behind, to address new challenges in new ways.”

Obama also noted, “[T]hat both in Russia and the United States, it’s going to be posed on the Internet, appropriate to a 21st century treaty. And so people not only within government but also the general public will be able to review, in an open and transparent fashion, what it is that we’ve agreed to.” Copies of the treaty and it’s protocol have been posted on the State Department’s website.

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Hot Air Balloon Advertising Winning Tactics

Posted by uE67oW on July 7, 2017

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By Jess Trent

There are bombardments of advertisements in every part of the city. But have you ever imagined an advertisement on a balloon high above the sky. Yes, hot air balloons are the most in-thing in the field of advertising tools. Advertisers look to impinge us, arrest our minds and eventually compel us to buy their products. In order to achieve this they will have to come up with an array of innovative ideas. What better than hot air balloon advertising if that’s the case?

Products and services are best advertised nowadays with hot air balloon advertising. You cannot hold on to your excitement to a gigantic, colorful and moving billboard. That’s exactly what advertisers look for, the balloons carrying their commercial message to a whole number of spectators or potential customers for that matter. This is the scenario in most balloon events.

These events are nothing but an extension of the private marketing audience on part of the advertiser. Sporting events, auto races, air shows can also accommodate impact appearances of balloons with their sales messages to appeal to the mass. Interestingly, you will find balloonists sell advertising or enroll sponsors to back their ballooning activities.

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The advertiser is clever enough to know that an ordinary shape to the balloon is no good for a lasting impression. A one-of-a-kind balloon is the only resort to maximize their marketing efforts. Hot air balloons can be of different shapes and sizes and not to mention the vibrant colors. The large sized balloons are quite eye catchy and attention grabbers. As they say, the bigger the size the bigger the impression. And as for what kind of advertising is printed on it depends on the advertiser itself.

A corporate balloon is poised to reach the target audience in this world of today. Technology grants you the liberty to impose your company’s logo and message on the balloon. Hot air balloon advertising also finds place in industrial events viz. trade shows, conventions, and other industry events. Moreover, by offering rides to key customers, you are ensuring good business.

Your balloon-marketing program may include memorabilia by way of which photos, stickers, tee shirts, caps etc. are distributed to the public. It is an excellent marketing tool that you can count on.

Your quest for a cost effective advertising means that establishes the brand name and plants a fixed impression lies high up in the sky. Hot air balloon advertising is precisely what you should settle for.

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